A trip to the colourful ‘CINQUE TERRE’

- IMG 0713
Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre


This photo, taken from one of the gorgeous villages I came across on a week’s village trecking/hiking around the incredible unesco site of Cinque Terre.

Based in the Liguria region of Italy, just a short train ride from Pisa (Changing trains @La Spezia) The area, linked by train, brings you to these most colourful villages, that are packed with their own uniqueness and splendour.

Beginning with a trip to the more coastal village ‘Monterosso Al Mar’, this is probably the largest and most touristic of the 5 villages, with a large stretch of beach,  a 2.5 hour cliff hike to ‘Manarola’ the first of the very colourful and for me the most beautiful of all. A further short walk along the cliff edges leads you to ‘Vernazza’, where the ‘wild at heart’ dive and jump off cliff rocks a fun experience to watch. ‘Corniglia’ is the only village that doesn’t lie on the coast, with a short train ride from Vernazza to a 382 step climb, worth the views to die for. Lastly to Riomaggiore.. now secretly tipped as one of the most unspoilt surprise destinations to visit and… I have to agree, it is heaped with buckets of charm and colour.. almost like a life painting ..that could crumble into the sea at any moment!….some people call them imperfections but no, that’s where the good stuff lies!.

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‘Mandorla’ , Cinque Terre.

The coastline and villages are surrounded by hillsides, olive groves, lemon and fruit farms and part of the UNESCO world heritage site. A must for all adventurers and arty lovers! X ‘fino all prosoma Volta’

Restaurant choices – there are multitudes of restaurants at each village. but 3 top choices would be:

Da Eraldo (Piazza Matteotti, Monterroso Al Mar) – watch out here.. Carbs overload, Pasta is so fresh and a true Italian experience.

Belforte, (Vernazza) – with breathtaking views, make sure to book in advance. Restaurant in a climb into a medieval stone tower.. Seafood is a treat.

Fuori Rotti – for views, large wine menu & aperitifs.

Stay – I would recommend staying outside the 5 villages.. as each place is accessible by train. Both Levanto area and Dieva Marina area  are lovely (Hotel Clelia www.hotelclelia.com) which feature a pool, a luxury for Cinque Terre region!. Enjoy XX

Italia, it never ceases to be so beautiful and inspiring. X