Sinéad Rock is a mostly self taught Artist, Illustrator, with a certificate in Illustration, she explores and expresses a true love of vibrant colour throughout her detailed illustrations and artwork.

Using a combination of fine ink pen, watercolour and gauche, Sinéad captures the essence and beauty of our wonderful playland, world!

She is also an author and yoga teacher, currently living in Kerry.

Sinéad qualified with RYT200hr under Ciara Cronin @ ‘The Yoga Room, Dublin in 2019. Sinéad advanced her training and self expressive creative style of teaching through a further 70hr training @ Insight yoga,, where she consistently opens to new experiences to enhance her creativity. Within her programmes @ Yoga Create, you can enjoy the freedom and fun of self expression while learning to share and express your own unique story through, yoga, colour mindful techniques. More about Sinéad can be found at

Magic wishes,Sinéad x

Life gives us plenty of time to do whatever wewant, when we stay in the present moment.

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