As I travel to many destinations i am always taken back by the array of city street colours – Graffiti as they call it, I would like to call it an explosion of art work, an expression of uncontrolable intoxicating fun! is it ok to enjoy?!!! .

- IMG 1187
Trastevere Roma – Delicately coloured.

From Rome with extravagance. 

from the image above I could see how many cultures were brought together, each designing their  own way to love  and to communicate & show off the face of their unique style.

- IMG 5330
Underground passageway Salzburg !

Salzburg Hall Of Fame. 

Under the passageway leading into Salzburg muical City sees the most spectacular display of music adorned in an expression of hairy colour.. what a show if you ask me!

- IMG 5329
Mozart – Street Style.

And the créme de la créme is a mecca to the musical icon born in Salzburg.. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart… where music explodes in swirling colourful scoops, nicely depicting his extravagance and intelligence, a graffiti masterpiece to the musical Master!

- IMG 6516
Dublin – Keeping it real

Dublin Streets – Rear of wexford Street. 

And to where is seems the graffiti artists buddy together and create a mecca of colour! in true graffiti Art style – tongues flaring and happiness felt around. What a street!

take a spray along your streets and see how they tell a story!!

Have fun!! XX SR