Galleria Borghese & Borghese Gardens - Eleggence in Roma

Villa Borghese gardens - exploring the 'Viale Del Lago' and the 'temple of Asclepius'

Roaming through the 'Villa Borghese gardens'. stunning lush gardens set a short stroll from Piazza del Popolo, you will come across the most beautiful 'Galleria Borghese' an art gallery housing a substantial part go the Borghese collection of painting, sculptures and antiques.

The villa was built by the architect 'Flaminio Ponzi, developing sketches himself who used this as his country villa to connect with his work.

Park Highlights.

The galleria includes twenty rooms across two elegant floors, concentrating mostly on Italian artists, the main floor mostly devoted to classical antiques, sculptures by 'Bernini' and many paintings from Caravaggio and 'Raphael'. 

Galleria Borghese - Piazale Scipione borghese, 5, Roma.

'Via Margutta' - 'Roman Holiday' Historics

"The best thing I know is to do exactly what you wish for in life, for a while" - Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday.

And this is exactly how I adapted my Roman Holiday experience, that took me to a fabulous old historical hotel of 'Hotel Forte, Via Margutta, a street made famous in 1953 - where Audrey Hepburn & Gregory Peck in the movie Roman Holiday, attracted attention to the public eyes, by staying in one of the modest 16th century houses. Via Margutta is a narrow cobble stoned street, where ancient buildings are covered with Ivy and wild wisteria, a street in the centre of Rome, situated between Piazza Di Propolo and Piazza Di Spagna, accessible from the street Via Del Babiuno. Via Margutta originally was home to modest craftsmen, workshops and stables, but now hosts many art galleries and fashionable restaurants.

The 'One hundred painters of 'Via Margutta' is an annual street art fair, where over 100 Roman artists gather to host a week long festival of art from 28th April each year. the Street is currently host to many art galleries and museums, and to an array of beautiful restaurants, 1 in particular catering towards vegetarians, but what better way to enjoy fine Italian dining then being surrounded by superb artwork. (11 Margutta Ristorarte)

Via Margutta, a true artistic cultural charming drop of Bella Roma. xx SR.

'Vintage Roma' - From Gucci to the finest Vintage flea markets

Ten years ago, acquiring great vintage pieces in Rome was expensive and time consuming. There were a few premium resellers,  they wanted a lot of money for their old stuff. But as vintage appreciation has increased in the city and throughout the world, conversely, the options and the prices have become much more reasonable and variety is fantastic around the city.

Take a trip along the street off piazza Di Spagna to see how 2017 iconic fashion brands such as Gucci, Prada, Moschino all are completely influenced by the iconic style.. a multitude of eclectic colourful shop windows, and an eccentric price tags to boost its adoration... but follow the fabulous eye catching streets to a few well kept secrets:

  1. Bohemienne - 'Via Dei Cappellari', 96 (Campo Di Fiori area) - Bohémienne is predominately for women, with an incredible selection of accessories in particular. Mixed into the variety of vintage is a lovely of collection of leather hand bags, handmade by one of the owners. The stock and displays have a soft, antique feel about them, full of old-world charm.
  2. Flamingo Vintage - 'Via Del Boschetto' 123 (Monti area) - great, but boutique style selection of vintage and well-preserved designer wear. This store has the smart ladies vintage who have polished outfits, perfectly accessorized with Chanel sunglasses and YSL shoes. Flamingo is for designer ladies with attitude and an eye for funky style.
  3. Twice Vintage - 'Via San Francesco di Repa', 7 (Trastevere area) This hip little store in Trastevere keeps its stock incredibly up to date, reflecting the current trends- denim, preppy and hipster accents, with a huge range of quality shoes. It has a cool, downtown vibe about it, think rustic Americana with a dose of sportswear.
  4. Omero and Cecilia - 'Via Del Governo Vecchio' 110 (Piazza Navona Via Cavour Area) The quality of vintage available here is impressive- think violet sure skirt suits, flowing 70’s dresses and band jackets. Each garment has been carefully preserved, offering immediate wear, and has a guaranteed uniqueness. The hats are worth a special look in- it has possibly one of the best selections in Rome.

... and when shopping has finished don't forget to travel home, in style, on one of the local transport systems - the vintage Vespa - in an array of colours down every alley way!  :-) Zoom Zoom and happy shopping - Bella Roma xx SR

Bella Roma

Rome -' A Ruin'  -  'the beginning of transformation'

"We all want things to stay the same, settle for living in misery, because we're afraid of change, of things crumbling to ruins.. maybe Life isn't so chaotic, maybe its just the world that is, and the real trap is getting attached to any of it.. "  - (Liz Gilbert 'Eat Pray Love')

Rome.. is the  perfect example of  Ruin as a GIFT.. a ruin showing the road to transformation.. A ruin where the shells of architecture show the beginning of how when we use and transform our wild Imaginations.. something new.. something magical, something extraordinary can happen. Rome, somewhere that is worth a few steps backwards as we begin to leap forwards... into the new !

Rome, A city where you're never falling apart, you're just falling into something different & unique, with the capacity to create the beautiful. It is a city where you find yourself, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, starting all over again.. followed by a dusty repeat, and it can get very dusty !!!! : - ) X A Marvel.

When In Rome XXX




Magical 'Cinque Terre'


A trip to the colourful 'CINQUE TERRE'

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre


This photo, taken from one of the gorgeous villages I came across on a week's village trecking/hiking around the incredible unesco site of Cinque Terre.

Based in the Liguria region of Italy, just a short train ride from Pisa (Changing trains @La Spezia) The area, linked by train, brings you to these most colourful villages, that are packed with their own uniqueness and splendour.

Beginning with a trip to the more coastal village 'Monterosso Al Mar', this is probably the largest and most touristic of the 5 villages, with a large stretch of beach,  a 2.5 hour cliff hike to 'Manarola' the first of the very colourful and for me the most beautiful of all. A further short walk along the cliff edges leads you to 'Vernazza', where the 'wild at heart' dive and jump off cliff rocks a fun experience to watch. 'Corniglia' is the only village that doesn't lie on the coast, with a short train ride from Vernazza to a 382 step climb, worth the views to die for. Lastly to Riomaggiore.. now secretly tipped as one of the most unspoilt surprise destinations to visit and... I have to agree, it is heaped with buckets of charm and colour.. almost like a life painting ..that could crumble into the sea at any moment!....some people call them imperfections but no, that's where the good stuff lies!.

'Mandorla' , Cinque Terre.

The coastline and villages are surrounded by hillsides, olive groves, lemon and fruit farms and part of the UNESCO world heritage site. A must for all adventurers and arty lovers! X 'fino all prosoma Volta'

Restaurant choices - there are multitudes of restaurants at each village. but 3 top choices would be:

Da Eraldo (Piazza Matteotti, Monterroso Al Mar) - watch out here.. Carbs overload, Pasta is so fresh and a true Italian experience.

Belforte, (Vernazza) - with breathtaking views, make sure to book in advance. Restaurant in a climb into a medieval stone tower.. Seafood is a treat.

Fuori Rotti - for views, large wine menu & aperitifs.

Stay - I would recommend staying outside the 5 villages.. as each place is accessible by train. Both Levanto area and Dieva Marina area  are lovely (Hotel Clelia which feature a pool, a luxury for Cinque Terre region!. Enjoy XX

Italia, it never ceases to be so beautiful and inspiring. X